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12/31/2017 1:33 pm  #1

Is my daughter seeing shadow people?

Anybody could give me advice or help me understand something that my daughter is experiencing. Few months ago I started reading books about reincarnation, souls, etc.. (I was stubborn atheist prior to that, nothing would convince me that there is God or any other spiritual being). I slowly started to change my beliefs and was also trying meditation, past life regression and astral projection (all at home, listening to youtube guided meditation videos). Didn't manage to astral project although twice I felt I'm floating, rising upwards, then I got too excited and it stopped, all back to normal feeling. Is it possible that I was really "out" and maybe I brought something with me? My 4 year old daughter told me few days later something about the "blacks". After asking her more details, turned out that when she sleeps she sees black humanoid beings, with no clothes on, no hair, big dark eyes. When I asked her what are they doing, she said he sat on her - showed me on her chest, I asked what she did then, she said nothing because he "glued" her, as in she couldn't move. Now, up until this point I was thinking it's just her imagination, but when she said he sat on her chest and she couldn't move I searched the internet and her description fits exactly on shadow people. I understand that little kids like to make up things, but how could she make up something like that? I'm sure she didn't see anything like that on TV, she watches her disney princesses cartoons, if not, then TV is off, I'm watching movies after she sleeps. So that makes me believe that what happened to her was real. I asked her more things about them, she said they are telling her to go away, and one growled at her like a lion to scare her, they are telling her to lie and be naughty. She said "mama they are bad, very bad". Also that there are many of them. There is also one baby, also all black, she said that he is good, he's under our bed (she sleeps with me) and once she took him to sleep in bed with us. And they play hide and seek. Next day I asked her if she remembers what she was telling me about them, just to check if she will tell me the same story, if some details would be different I would know that she was just making it up.. She pretended she doesn't know what I'm talking about, and her pupils became huge, I thought it's sign of lying, so I asked her if she's saying the truth, she looked down and was upset and told me that they told her not to talk about them, to lie to me. Next day she told me while we were having dinner, that one is standing there watching her. I told her that she has to tell them to go away, but she has to send all of them away including the baby, she got very upset and started to cry that she doesn't want to send the baby away, the baby is good, he's not telling her to lie. Ah and also the baby is whispering to her but she doesn't understand what is he saying. That's about all.. Please I don't need anyone to make fun of me about how could I believe a 3 year old (she was 3 then, just turned 4), I know my daughter, she is very smart girl, very honest and good kid. I'm just asking for your help and advice, what it is, why it happened or what to do to get rid of it. And sorry for my english, it's not my native language. Thank you


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Re: Is my daughter seeing shadow people?

Hi Diana,

I have some experience with what you have described and hopefully it will help you and your daughter.

First let's start with your astral traveling. What you describe is the beginning process of learning to astral travel at will so you are having some success there. It is not generally scary or dangerous, in fact we do it all the time naturally through our dreams.

Because you are opening yourself up more and increasing your awareness of the energy within and around you, you will begin to notice more 'odd things'. That said, 'odd things' will notice you more as well. It not usually bad, most understand that you do not want to interact with them, some you'll have to tell them you don't want interaction. Meditation and astral projection are safe and you may continue to work with them without having to worry about bad things happening.

That said, some times bad things happen. Because your daughter is young and open she is more likely to see and experience things. It just comes down to mindset. Not everything she interacts with will be harmful, but anything that tells her to lie or misbehave is not a positive being.

I understand that she has made a friend but she needs to know that this baby is not a good friend. She'll have to let go of her attachment otherwise the information I share with you, won't really help because she will always be inviting it back into your home. You'll need to explain to her that some times bad things show up and pretend to be good things. Use the symbolism of fairy tales and children's stories to show her how bad things disguise themselves. This is why we created these, to warn children of the world's dangers. Like the Wolf who pretends to be Grandma in Little Red Riding hood. Or the kindly old lady who gives Snow White the apple.

These are symbols and stories that she will understand. It may take some time to get her to let go, especially if she has formed a strong attachment. But in the mean time, here are some things you can do.

1) Clean the house. I know it sounds weird but clean it, from top to bottom, walls, window sills, the whole thing. If you can use lemons or cleaners with lemon oil that's all the better.

2) Purchase a smudge stick or some loose white sage and a burner for it and walk from room to room, closet to closet, every where and cleanse the house with the smoke. You'll want to open the doors and windows. Next use the sage to cleanse yourselves by wafting the smoking near you and inhaling it. (Not too much).

3) Get some salt, regular table salt is fine, and put a line of it at every entrance to the house and on every window sill. I would also place a ring of it around your daughter's bed and your own just until you are certain everything is gone.

4) Purchase some Jet stones. You should be able to find these at a crystal store or online. Place one at each of the four corners of your daughter's bedroom and just to be safe I'd get her a necklace with a jet stone that she can wear.

These are some basic self protection and cleansing practices you can do. Hopefully they will sort out the problem but if they do not or things get worse I can give you a few more things to try before you will need to contact outside help.

Best Wishes,

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Re: Is my daughter seeing shadow people?

Thank you very much for your advice. I am curious about your experience, do you mind sharing it?

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1/17/2018 8:12 am  #4

Re: Is my daughter seeing shadow people?

Hi Diana,

I'm happy to help in any way I can. I know that dealing with these issues is very stressful and can be difficult to resolve. My experience with shadow people or rather a shadow man comes from my childhood like many others I've noticed. I don't mind sharing the experiences if it helps. However, it's a very long story I'm afraid as I lived with the shadow man for much of my childhood and teenage years and some of it is very personal so I try to be specific where I think it might be helpful and generalize everything else as background.

My parents moved my brother and I into a new home in a newly built neighborhood in central Florida when I was eight. As far as house history, it had one previous owner, a family that lived there for a year before moving into a larger home. If they ever experienced anything in the home I have no idea, as I was never able to contact them.

I tell you this because I remember vividly the day I walked into my bedroom for the first time, touched the light switch on the wall beside the door and knew that something was wrong with the room. I could not explain why I knew something was wrong or even what was wrong, but the room bothered me.

After we settled in I remember spending most days being in my bedroom sitting in the middle of the floor and playing with my toys. I would be there happily for hours and then out of no where the atmosphere of the room would suddenly change. It was a peculiar feeling. It felt like the whole world slowed down to a standstill. Static electricity would travel up my spine, the hair would rise on my neck and arms, my hearing would become highly sensitized, my breathing would slow, and I became very aware of my heart beat. While this was happening, my awareness of my surroundings felt like it was expanding, like my mind was reaching out into the room sending weird little 'feelers' around trying to identify what had changed (I know that may not make any sense, it's a difficult sensation to explain), while at the same time my body was trying to become as small as possible. It definitely felt like something was in the room with me.

I would hold my breath during this and sit still hoping whatever it was would not see me. Eventually the feelings of oppression would become unbearable and I would run out of the room as fast as I could and into the living room to my parents.

I soon became so afraid of my room that I stopped sleeping in it. I would either sleep in my parent's room or I would sleep in the living room. I was very cautious of the hallway near my door and would not go down it at night unless it was to run away from my room because my parents forced me to go to my own bed.

Several things happened over the years. My toys and things that I cared about would get broken in the middle of the night. Things that were in my closet the night before would be on my bed in the morning. My family started fighting all the time. My childhood friends would not come over to the house because the one time they spent the night there they got scared and had to go home in the middle of the night. When I tried to ask them about it, they wouldn't talk about it. When I tried to tell them what was happening to me they didn't want to hear it.

Nobody did. My parents ignored the subject when I tried to talk them, my childhood friends refused to listen because it was too scary.
Within a couple years I went from a happy, bright, cheerful girl of eight who loved unicorns and cats to a distant, anti-social, and suicidal ten year old living in fear and believing that everything bad happening to her family was her fault and the best possible solution was death. 

I came very close to taking my life before the thought occurred to me that maybe all of the things I was experiencing were not in my head, that maybe they were real and if they were real then I was going to find a way to do something about it.
I had heard ghost stories like every other kid but like every other kid I thought they were make believe. I went to the library and started reading everything I could about the occult, which was very limited since this was back in the 80's. But I did find one gem among the limited information which was salt. A ring of salt for protection from evil spirits.

I started putting a ring of salt around my bed at night, which drove my mother crazy because I was salting her carpets and she was vacuuming it up every day and I was pouring it back every night. But it worked. I could stay in my bed and sleep without being afraid most nights.

In the mean time I kept reading everything I could looking for answers. Unfortunately I came up with nothing and the internet was still very much in its infancy (again the 80's) so I didn't have any where else that I could turn to so I stuck with the salt.

Unfortunately that didn't get rid of my problem, mostly because I didn't know what I was doing or how to use salt properly at the time, so while my bed was now a safe haven things still happened in my room. I was eleven when I saw what was haunting me for the first time.

I was laying in bed trying to sleep when I got this odd impression, like I should sit up and look at the door. So without thinking I did. There was a man standing in front of the door to my room near the light switch. He was tall and solid and completely made of shadow. I remember being able to see the light coming from under the door and seeing his feet blocking the light where he stood so that I would know that he was not just a reflection on the wall or the product of the lights of some passing car.

I was horrified. All I could do was press my face against the pillow and hold the covers over my head while saying, "Please God make it go away" over and over again. I remember that because it's all I remember after seeing him. I assume I went into shock and fainted because my next memory is slowly coming to a while later still laying in bed with the blankets over my head. When I looked again, he was gone.

He would continue to terrify me and the few teenage friends that came over to spend the night over the next several years. I didn't tell anyone about him because I didn't want to lose any more friends, it had been traumatic losing all my friends at once when I was a kid because of this and it was not an experience I wanted to repeat. Unfortunately it did repeat but this time one of my friends at least gave me a description of what he saw that caused him to leave.

A big shadow with red eyes growled at him. I hadn't told him about what I saw when I was eleven, I hadn't told anyone and I wasn't sure what to make of it. He said the shadow had red eyes but the shadow man that I saw did not and I didn't remember it making any sound. It wouldn't be until decades later that I would learn that shadow people can appear with red eyes and yeah, they growl.

The turmoil in my family continued to get worse and my parents were threatening divorce. My life was fairly well wrecked; I started ditching school, started smoking and exploring drugs as a way to cope, and my self esteem was non-existent. I became something of a hermit, never going out or socializing with anyone, cut off all my hair and had the full Sinead O'Connor look for a while.

The worst part of this period that I recall is, whenever I would start to feel happy or start to feel like things might be alright, something would happen in my room. Pennies thrown into my box fan in the middle of the night and the piggy bank smashed on the floor. Rune stones that had been given to me by a friend which I kept in a bag in the bottom drawer of my dresser started breaking in half while still in the bag.

I had the distinct impression that he wanted me to know that he was still there any time I might appear to forget about him and this is important as I would find out later. Because this particular shadow man was feeding off my energy. He was feeding off the pain, fear, depression, abuse and violence that he was causing in my home. He was purposefully putting my family into turmoil and driving away my friends to keep me and my family in a state of misery and despair all the time.

Now I cannot advise you that this is what all shadow people do, or that everything that shows up as a shadow is in fact a shadow person, but anything that purposefully causes strife should never be a welcome entity in the home and you'll want to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

So the question is, how did I get out of this?

One of the friends I had lost called me out of the blue. They knew I was searching for answers, they knew I was looking into the occult and they had found a place I might be interested in. An occult shop had opened not far from where I lived and my friend took me there to introduce me to the ladies who owned it.

I spent some time there, talked to the ladies about what was happening and while they weren't able to tell me what was in my room, as neither of them had seen a shadow person before, they were able to give me advice on how to deal with it.

I learned about cleansing rituals, protection rituals, herbs and stones, and I put all that information to use. I went home and stripped the room. I took everything out, I cleaned it, I even convinced my parents to let me repaint the walls white, and I saged the heck out of my entire house. I salted everything, I used protection incense and started performing protection rituals daily.

The daily ritual was unnecessary, the minute I did the first one, the minute the ritual was done, the whole house felt lighter. It felt different, airy, full of light and renewal. All of the misery and the toxic atmosphere vanished. I kept everything up because I did not want the thing coming back, not ever. I made sure every window stay protected, every door, and setup an altar to protect myself.

After the first ritual things improved greatly, my parents relationship evened out and they stopped hating each other, my brother and I started being civil to each other, and overall my family became a family again. Although the damage was done in some respects. Somethings can never truly be fixed only forgiven as best we can, because while spirits can influence us and have an impact on our lives, we are all still responsible for the decisions we make. We are still responsible for our own actions.

Good things started happening shortly afterward for everyone in my family, like a wall had been broken through and positive things could finally start happening. I made lot's of friends easily, and they came my house without wanting to leave shortly afterwards. I cleaned up my act, let my hair grow, and gained a social life and I enjoyed being a normal teenager for once and having a normal bedroom and a normal house. But the most important part, I finally started gaining self esteem.

Some years later, after my brother and I moved out and parents had moved away, I spoke about the house to my mother again. I asked her if she ever saw anything weird in the house while we were growing up. She said yes, but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to scare me. I asked her what she saw and she refused to talk about it, when I asked her why, she said it was because she was afraid that if she talked about it, then it might show up.
I could see she was well and truly afraid and so I left it at that.

I continue studying and trying to find answers and while I understand a lot more about what happened to me than I did at the time, I still can't explain the whys and hows. I just accept that it's something that happened and the worse thing I can do is pretend it didn't. I continue cleanse and protect the home my husband and I live in. Not because I think the shadow man is ever going to show back up in my life again, but because I don't like uninvited house guests period and I am well aware the problems they can cause.

I know this has been a very long answer, I'm sorry for that. Hopefully you will find some solace in it. I understand what it is like not having anyone to reach out to and feeling like you are going crazy, but you're not. Your situation is solvable and most times taking back control of your home is easier than you might think.

Best Wishes,


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Re: Is my daughter seeing shadow people?

LJNox wrote:

Some years later, after my brother and I moved out and parents had moved away, I spoke about the house to my mother again. I asked her if she ever saw anything weird in the house while we were growing up. She said yes, but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to scare me. I asked her what she saw and she refused to talk about it, when I asked her why, she said it was because she was afraid that if she talked about it, then it might show up.
I could see she was well and truly afraid and so I left it at that.


Thanks for sharing your experience LJ. 

I want to comment on something that always troubled me. One of the most remarkable things about shadow people is when they happen to other family members.  It is years later, long after the ordeal is over, that other members admit to witnessing the same entities and similar experiences in the same residence.  Even though everyone is an adult, there are still those who won't discuss it for fear of it returning or some other reason.

My brother and I were witness to sounds of dragging chains and thumps on the wall several nights in a row in separate rooms with only a wall between us.  After it stopped, I asked my brother if he had heard it too in his room.  He gave away his answered in the surprise, wide open eyes, look he gave.  I'll never forget it.  However, I needed to discuss the experience in order to analyze what happened for my own sanity.  He made it clear he did not want to discuss it, he was afraid it would bring it on again.  Thirty years latter I asked if he remembered the experience, expecting him to be more open to talk about it.  He denied it ever happened!

My mother once told me she saw my grandmother (her mother) standing at her dresser early one morning shortly after my grandmother died. It was just a statement and at the time I did not ask for details.  Some years later, I was alone in the kitchen with her and brought up the incident.  There were other family member in the next room watching TV.  She "shushed" me nervously and I asked her why.  She was afraid that they might overhear her talking about it in the next room and think she was crazy.

You think anyone who had such on otherworldly experience would want to discuss it and talk about it, especially if they've never encounter a paranormal event before or, I have an experience and have spent my life trying to find someone who is willing to discuss it openly and without ridicule.  It is definitely a taboo topic, especially years ago, for many people and for many reasons.



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Re: Is my daughter seeing shadow people?

Hi LJ,
sorry for such late answer, I was kind of trying to avoid even thinking about all this stuff. Every evening when I thought I will write you I got scared that thinking and writing about them will make them to appear to me or what so I was postponing it all the time. Anyway, I feel better now and I'm not so scared as I was.
You don't have to apologize for the length of your previous answer, I really liked that you wrote it in such detail, you are a good writer , though I'm very sorry you had to go through all that.
Well, what happened in these few months.. I didn't ask my daughter any more questions about shadow people, hoped that if we do not talk about it, it will stop. She also didn't tell me anything, behaved as everything is fine. We had some bad luck, fighting again with my husband, our dog died of cancer (it's our second dog, both died of cancer at very early age).. I cleansed the house as you said, but I couldn't find white sage, so I did it with the other kind, don't know the name of it, it grows in our garden, I waited ages until it dries and 2 weeks ago I did the cleanse. I hope that kind of sage works as well. And I put line of salt on all the windows and doors. So, last week I asked my daughter if she remembers the stuff she told me about shadow people and if she still sees them, she said yes, I asked again all the details about them just to see if her story is the same, and after all these months she didn't change a thing, she described them exactly as the first time. So that again proved it for me that she didn't make it up because I believe that a kid her age would not remember the details if she just made up the story. But again she didn't want to talk about them more, I was asking her questions like what are they doing or saying, she just said they do mean stuff and that she cries after, and she tried all the time to change the subject, she looked very uncomfortable, wasn't herself at all. I also asked what am I doing when she sees them, she said that I'm sleeping. I couldn't get any more information out of her. But, what I found out after from my husband, I couldn't believe that he didn't tell me this in all these years, I was completely speechless that he didn't bother to tell me that even after I told him what our daughter was seeing, it's unbelievably hard to talk to him, every little piece of information about himself I have to drag out of him.. So apparently he was seeing shadow people since he was a kid! Also had frequent sleep paralysis, but not anymore, at least not in a long time. He too described them as dark shadow humanoids, could feel negative energy from them, was very scared but eventually he learned how to control it, when he saw them he tried to stay calm and told them to leave. I think he was afraid to tell this to me because I would think he's crazy, but now he saw that I really believed in these things he felt he can talk about it finally? The last time he  felt them was around 2-3 weeks ago, he said he woke up in the night and thought it's me standing next to the bed because he could see and feel someone there, he asked what I am doing, when the answer didn't come he realized it's them and just turned around and went back to sleep.
Btw, we live now in the same house where he was living when he was a kid, we moved here around 6 years ago. I personally never saw any weird stuff here, it's just him and my daughter.
And I have one question for you, have you ever heard unexplained banging on the door? Like, only you heard it and no one else? Because my daughter was many times scared of this, she was saying she hears banging (or knocking) on the door when there is complete silence inside and outside. And one other thing that happened to me about a month ago. This will sound weird.. I was sleeping and suddenly I woke up scared and from my dream I could remember only the last second before I woke up and it was that the devil was pulling me up by my hair and that prompt me to wake up. I don't know how to explain it but it didn't feel just like an ordinary dream, it felt real, I don't know why I was so sure it was the devil (I don't  really believe in the devil as the religion describes him), I didn't see anything in my dream, it was just the feeling, I just knew, it was so urgent, I had to wake up immediately because the devil was trying to get me. I had slight headache on top of my head and it felt as if someone was really pulling me by my hair. I went back to sleep and in the morning I had really bad headache that lasted for most of the day, but only on top of my head where he pulled me by hair in my dream. I don't really get headaches, especially not in the mornings for no apparent reason. Do you have any idea what this could mean or it was just a bad dream? 
Well, I'm off to bed, I guess I'm going to sleep with the lights on tonight Writing and thinking about it made me scared again. Thank you  in advance if you will find time to answer me

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