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2/09/2018 3:03 pm  #1

No Shadows: Just demons

I've been researching demonology, religious demonology, archaeology, and thensome. This is lately.  I have this issue and I have not been open about it till today.  I have asked this sites person to address it and keep it private with all the detail.

I tried the word search...nothing.   Everyone seems to be focused on hat man, figures, etc.... Mine is no figure.

I can't say for sure because as of lately I am awakening my mind to new information , sourced information, and historically documented instances of it. 

Without the details I ask that you readers just consider this face value please.
Under demonic attack - plethora of instances and witnesses to say wtf is going on man and its matching what I am researching to what is happening.

The  attack:  No triggers, no stress, just out of left field.  The influence.. pure ..completely pure rage and hate of mankind.  I seeth on many ways to hurt and kill people and how much I hate them. I hate them for their wickedness, fakeness, and how crap they are to each other.  It starts with that... then my memory goes bad.
Wife has to fill in all the gaps for me.

Duration 1 hour to days... but average is 4-8 hours of full adrenaline power energy...but its not positive feeling feels blood thirsty instead...I do all I can to focus and ride that storm...

The observations: The hate is real and the rage is real. I have had too  many instances of keeping to myself in public and not drawing attention while feeling like this...shoping or what not.  random people just asking "You ok"
I can feel something from you and it feels bad is common.  Some have said they feel nothing but anger when near me. They don't understand why. They just feel anger in the air and it starts to make them feel unreasonable hate and anger to.

Wifes observations: Cussing in my sleep and fighting ...literally fighting.  I show defiance and yelling fuck you..while fighting.  No recollection of the dreams.  I had one dream stick and I wrote the site owner about it.  The ITCH I speak of.  Wife says that it's terrifying because she can feel it in the air to...I am fighting and fighting for real in my sleep. Many occasions before things got better (praying a lot must have done something) I have been reminded by my wife about what Ive done and she always is schocked how I can't remember it. 

Too much detail to write and too much about me I don't want to share so this is all I am willing to write. Just take this at face value. I am no fan fiction writing kind of guy.  I am the loner , tough as nails, and usually the protector of people in public.  I am not the kind of guy who watches someone run by after a purse snatching. I am the guy who clothes lines you and starts curb stomping evil men till someone peals me off or they are bleeding out their ears.

All I know is I feel like that I was being recruited by something dark and my immediate reaction was defiance and fighting back hard.  Why me?  What is special about  me to the dark? What the hell do I do , besides pray and seek guidance from my belief? 

I have never ever beaten down random people who are innocent. its always been another asshole or douche... You know ..the brute at the party making everyone mad with his comments.  Im not a normal personality type I am an INTJ personality type and well we don't deal with BS at all.  I am the guy who puts this kind of person on his back , wishing he never met me.  I just don't tolerate wicked people..not even a little bit.  In public I would be the first to step up.  Just how I am wired.  Protect the innocent...crush wicked people. Its how I am.

To the normal non trolling posters...thank you for your time.

anyway....trolls have your fun won't get a reply.   You will get an invitation.  You want to see if Im full of crap.
I'll meet you someplace public if that makes you feel better.  Don't test me, ive done this before.  And left that punk with missing teeth and a hole in his check in the parking lot.  Try me...I dare you.  I am in the PNW... I hate you trolls. You spread wicked words and influence people negatively ..they bring that home and it spreads. You are trash of humanity.



2/11/2018 12:31 am  #2

Re: No Shadows: Just demons

Hi D, (hope this ok to call you D)

 After reading your post several things jump out at me and a few suggestions for help come to mind. I always take everything at face value and treat every situation with serious consideration because regardless of the origin of any given situation, a person is in pain and is asking for help. A few questions first though...

Did you begin studying demonology before or after these events started? It would be helpful to see where your mindset was before this began to occur and how life was in general. Often times, these things can find a way into your life when you have been particularly sad or angry and fuel circumstances to build on that situation.

My next question is are you nearing middle age? I know it sounds crazy but it is relevant as our hormones begin to change around this time frame and can cause problems. What some people might call 'mid-life crisis'. Not that I think you are experiencing one, but hormonal changes can make you an easy target if you are having trouble coping.

Do you drink or take any substances that impair your state of mind? If so, stop. These make you more open and easier to manipulate.

Final question, are you religious and if so, what is your preferred religion? If you are not religious, what religion are you most comfortable with? You may need assistance that cannot be provided on this board. Typically in the form of a house blessing or cleansing.

Now onto the hard truths that no one likes to talk about. See a doctor. No seriously, go talk to a doctor and explain that you are having anger issues and then listen to the options that are available to you. I say this because spirits and demons are not the root of a problem, they take a problem that is already there and they build on it. They feed it until they can manipulate it to get the effect they want.
Even if you rid yourself of whatever entity is troubling you, you will still have a lot of emotional aftermath to clean up and dealing with things now will make it easier for you to take back your power.

So, dealing with a demon is not unlike dealing with most spirits you'll just have to be more vigilant as these guys really like to implant themselves in your life to the point where you don't know where they end and you begin, so start with you.

Who were you before this started? You're really going to have to learn which thoughts are yours and which ones aren't. If a thought or statement seems out of character then it probably is and you should spend more time thinking about it before acting on it. A doctor can suggest ways to help you manage your emotions and that is very important if you want to be in control of your life.

Next hit up your local church for holy water. Catholics usually have a pedestal near the door with some in. You don't need a lot, just a small bottle will do. While you are there dip a finger and cross yourself for protection. (Middle of forehead, center of chest, right shoulder, left shoulder)

When you get home, clean the house, top to bottom. Basement to attic and leave nothing untouched. If you can use lemons or a cleaner with lemon oil all the better. While you are doing this open every window and door, every curtain and blind. You want as much sunlight in the home as you can and you want to replace any burned out bulbs and place light in any dark spots.
Negative entities thrive in dark unused places. Don't give them one.

When you finish cleansing, you should burn sage throughout the house and if you lean a bit towards the occult side of things then you should also cleanse it with water (tap water is fine), earth (salt), and fire (a lit white candle) from room to room. You can pray or say a small blessing as you move from space to space. You can find many prayers online or say whatever feels right to at the time.

Next I would strongly, strongly recommend performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or LBRP. This is a banishing ritual which invokes God and the Archangels to cleanse the area. You should do this in every part of the house. You should do it for yourself daily. I also recommend the Rose Cross ritual for yourself daily.

Once you've cleansed the house use the holy water to draw crosses on every door and window. I would also salt the windows and doors until you are certain the situation is resolved.

I recommend carrying smokey quartz and hematite with you at all times. This will help you stay grounded. If you feel anger hold onto the smokey quartz and channel all of those feelings and thoughts into the stone, then take it outside and leave it on the ground over night away from your doors and windows.

If these are unsuccessful for you then you will need to talk to a spiritual advisor you are comfortable with about the situation and ask for a blessing. (If you say exorcism they will disregard anything you have to say). My advice there is to look for one that really cares about what they are doing, one that these rituals mean something to. I can read a prayer from the bible all day but it will be meaningless unless I truly believe in its power to bless and protect a home and its inhabitants.

I know, long post so quick breakdown:

1) See a doctor and get your anger under control. It's natural to want to protect people and help, but hatred and violence is not a place to dwell. It will only bring you trouble. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in the "be happy all the time and if you are not fake it until you are" ideology. We are human, we have a full range of emotions and they all have their place in our lives, but none of them should have power over our minds.

2) Go to church, get the holy water - long established traditions and rituals chalk full of ingrained belief over thousands of years ain't something to ignore when you need help. There is power in it, even if you are not Christian because western society has subconsciously trained us that holy water is... holy.

3) Clean the house, do the rituals. You can find the LBRP and Rose Cross online in many variations if you prefer not to invoke angels. If you are ok with angels in general start praying to the archangel Michael. He is the protector you will want.

And finally, don't half ass any of this. Once you start see it through to the end.

 Best Wishes,



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