Shadow People

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2/19/2018 3:01 pm  #1

They look like entirely translucent human beings

Hello all,

I am very glad to have found this website. I have been having experiences with shadow people for over a year now.

They don't come every night, but when they do, its tricky to make them go away.

They usually will enter through a wall in my bedroom. The wall from which they exit almost takes on a portal-like, whirlpool look to it. When they come out, they wander around my room generally causing mischief.

They don't look like silhouettes, however, like many of you describe. To me, they are full figured human beings, but transparent. The only way I can discern their shape/form is because they distort the empty space around them. As if they were moving statutes made of crystal glass.

What also makes my story different is they don't flee when I look at them, nor do they disappear when I turn the lights on. They stay, and hang out for a bit. They seem curious. Very rarely am I afraid of them, with the exception of a little residual fear of the unknown.

What makes my story, and belief in shadow people, so improbable is by my very nature I am a skeptic and cynic. I never believed in ghosts, spirits, or the supernatural growing up. Its only recently that I have been faced with such incontrovertible evidence of some other "reality" beyond what we, as humans, can perceive.

They also seem to be able to communicate with me through my thoughts. They can express their own thoughts by manipulating the thoughts inside of my head. Just putting this down in writing makes me feel like a crazy person, but I know I am not. I'm a high-achieving law student, no history of mental illness. I simply do not know how else to interpret the evidence that these shadow people exist.

Has anyone else experienced these translucent, clear versions of shadow people? I'd like to hear if anyone else has similar stories.

Thank you,


3/11/2018 10:13 pm  #2

Re: They look like entirely translucent human beings

Hi Jake,,
I too have experienced what I describe as a translucent shadow person. One night while I was experiencing what I believe the in between state of Hypnagogia, I looked up near the window and saw a 4 foot translucent being in the room. It seem to be like glass or water in the shape of a shadow being. I can tell you it scared the you know what out of me. It seemed only wanting to observe me and actually had a facial expression that looked calm and content. 
But most of my experiences have been with the dark shadow people. I do recall a portal on the wall one night with the shadow beings about. The shadow person that most sticks out for me is the  silhouette of a male shadow being in the hallway. As I kept watching him he suddenly noticed he was being watched and collapsed into a triangular shaped and with an unbelievable amount of speed shot down the hallway towards my daughter’s room. That was very bizarre.  I can tell you over the last five years I have not experienced any shadow people or translucent beings. This almost creates an anxiety because I’m wondering if all the experiences I’ve had are it or will they return one day. I am also a big skeptic and not mentally challenged so it’s good to hear from other people who are or have experienced these situations. But one theory I have, is that these shadow people are not actual physical entities that enter your room at night but are projections representing a visit into our physical world to observe and possibly modify our situations.

Thanks for listening


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