Shadow People

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4/14/2018 5:09 pm  #1

I came face to face with a very black silhouette figure

I wasn't asleep or anywhere near it when I crossed my bedroom threshold and stepped into my living room.  There were no lights on anywhere.  I have a 600 sq ft house and there is no need to have a light on for that journey.  It was night and I had just gotten into bed when I realized I needed to pee so I was walking through my open bedroom door and came face to face with the deepest black humanoid figure a few inches from me.  He was slightly taller than myself and had some musculature visible in his arms.  His hair was 'outlined' against the rest of the dark room behind him and looked like the old David Cassidy shag.  I got the feeling that he was as startled as I.  He vanished after just a second or 2 and I walked on to the bathroom, did my thing and returned to bed with never an anxious moment.  I just thought 'what?' a few times and went to sleep.  I haven't seen another.


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