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11/09/2019 2:41 pm  #1

Ideas on summoning shadow people

Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to this topic and to this forum. I do not believe in pretty much anything paranormal, and I try to always align my views on controversial/supernatural topics (or really any topic) with what the consensus is among the experts devoting their lives to the research of the field/topic. That being said, the sheer number of stories about shadow people that I've come across recently has piqued my interest, and while I'm skeptical there is anything supernatural going on here I try to always keep an open mind (because experts aren't always right about their everything in their area of expertise, just almost always).

It is becoming a little frustrating for me to see all these accounts of shadow people harassment result in blessed charms, prayers, running away, exorcisms, etc. without anyone (that I've found) thinking "huh, I should set up a camera or two to catch these dudes on video, since they seem to be pretty elusive but still appear somewhat regularly..." I feel like one or two solid videos would lend sooo much credibility to the existence of shadow people, yet I cannot find a single example (if anyone knows of one, I would love to see it).

Additionally, if anyone knows of any method/ritual/circumstance that can be used to increase the likelihood of a shadow person appearing, I would be very interested in knowing more about this. After reading about a lot of the negative/positive experiences other people have had with them, I would gladly accept the risks involved with direct and intentional exposure to these shadow people in attempt to get some better evidence for their existence. If I could summon them up with some level of consistency, I could attempt to communicate with it and see if it wants to hang out and chill for a little while. Maybe, if one thinks I'm cool enough, I can join their club and become an ethereal entity like them, and then I can visit one of you guys on this forum to help provide more direct evidence of my (shadow people's) existence (haha).

Anyone have any ideas?


11/21/2019 11:24 pm  #2

Re: Ideas on summoning shadow people

I understand your reserve in placing faith on people's sighting of shadow people.  I would be one if I hadn't seen it myself.  They're there, and they are not pleasant to have one appear when you least expect it.

Majority of people see a shadow being once in their life time and many stories in The Official Shadow People Archive reflect this.  So they are not going to have a camera ready when the entity appears.

The ones that have several encounters don't want pictures of them and wouldn't have the nerves to hold a camera steady if they did wait up hours or days to catch them on film.  They only want to know  how to make them go away  Having a lasting memory of them on photo paper is the least of their concerns.

The best places to find "proof" of shadow beings are on ghost hunting website. Check these websites out.  Often they post their findings on YouTube.  This is your best resource for seeing what comes up on film.  However, many people either don't see anything that resembles a shadow person and I myself find that the "encircled" areas of photographs at these sites are a form of pareidolia . 

Still there are some interesting pictures and videos available.  However, as much "proof" you see on YouTube,  there is always the accusation that they were faked or photoshopped.  It probably won't convince you.

The Ohio State Reformatory in Mansifield is known as one of the most haunted prison in the US and I have heard numerous people state they've seen shadow people there frequently.  Although it is closed for the season now, they have tours there for a short number of days around Halloween each year.  I might go myself next year, if my knees hold out.  You might want to go there to see paranormal developments if you are interested enough.  The only way to find proof is to have an experience yourself...if you really want it, 

Heres the link:

Good luck,


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