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9/02/2016 4:36 pm  #1

Shadow people can here our thoughts

My wife and I got a new house; we set it just a few feet from the old house. I was getting sick and didn’t know it, and I started seeing someone walk out of the master bathroom while my wife was in bed. Sometimes my wife would wake up and see the same thing; we are seeing this person looking straight at him, no corner of the eye stuff. During this time we were getting poked in the arm or back, and every now then we will hear someone say something.
               One day I was setting in my recliner and setting towards the front of the chair looking at my laptop setting on a stand in front of me. Something pushed my chair down from the back, as if something sat down on the back of my chair. My feet would come up off the floor, and then an hour or so latter my feet would touch the floor again, as the chair would return to its original position. This happened many times, at least once a week.
               One day at about 3 PM I laid down on the couch after laying there for about 10 minutes I felt someone step up on the end of the couch, then it took another step towards the middle of the couch, my feet wanted to slide into the spot of the last step. I rose up on my elbow and said “I know you are there”, and then I watched the end of the couch, I felt someone take two steps towards the end of the couch and then it stepped off.
               A couple weeks later at 2:32am I walked into the kitchen to fill my glass with water. While I was filling it at the ice box I happened to look up and the shadow walked out of the master bathroom again. I thought to myself “I wish he would take one more step so I could see if he has a ponytail”. My wife wore a ponytail to bed every night. The shadow took one step and I could see that he has no ponytail, or hair, and he had a big bridged nose. Then I thought to myself “I wish he would look at me so I could see if he has red glowing eyes”, and he looked right at me, and no glowing eyes. Then I thought to myself “I wish he would go on now so I can go tell my son about this” and he moved into the bedroom and out the back wall. Three times I made a wish and three times he did exactly what I asked and all I did was think it I never said anything. That was the last time I saw the dark man coming out of the master bathroom. It didn’t occur to me that he could hear what I was thinking until he was gone. I wish I would have made that connection while he was still there, because I had a lot of questions. I think he was seeing how sick I was and how close to dying I was. I think I haven’t seen him since then because the next week I went to the hospital and they saved my life.

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9/12/2016 10:23 pm  #2

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

Wow this is a very interesting post! Some shadow people are in fact evil, but there are others that aren't so bad. 


9/15/2016 5:09 pm  #3

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

I'm not sure of the intent of this one, I didn't get any bad or scary feelings when he would show up and just stand there watching me. Like I said I was getting sick, and by the end I had a 105 degree fever and had past out in my recliner. I was taken to the hospital and they found a lung infection that nearly filled the top right lobe of my right lung. The doctor said I probably would not survive the night. Well I pulled through and went home a week later. I have not seen the shadow person since then and that was in 2012. But I had the feeling that he was there to see how close to dying I was. And I will never forget what he looked like: he had a pot belly, big bridge on his nose and his ears looked like Buddha's (real long with a long ear lobe). And when he started to move, he wobbled a little and then he just glided, he wasn't walking. Maybe he was there to take me to hell, maybe he was the grim reaper. I've never gotten him out of my head, I think about him all the time, wishing I could see him again so I could ask him some questions.

Anyway, thank you for your comment, and if you have any thoughts on this comment I would love to hear it!!
Thank you...

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9/21/2016 6:57 pm  #4

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

There are certain times where i feel the shadow creatures can hear my thoughts too, though it only ever happens when i am very sad. when i was young, i was always afraid of them, and still get very frightened when i see them. when i ma very exhausted or emotionally drained, i would tell the shadow people to come get me if they want, they can do whatever and it doesn't matter any more. that is when they leave, always only then. otherwise they just watch me, and i try looking at them from my peripheral vision, but never directly because i cannot see them that way.


9/22/2016 9:37 am  #5

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

I always saw this shadow person looking straight at him, and he knew I was looking at him and would always turn his head and look right at me. When he would turn his head and look at me is how I could see his ears, because they are not visible when he looks straight ahead. Its like looking at a silhouette, because he is completely black and I can only see his outline. My wife would be in bed not ten feet from the door to the master bathroom where he would always appear from, and she could see him but even then he was only a shadow, a solid black silhouette. She couldn't see that he had a pot belly but I could because I was looking at from the side and she would see him from the front. When this person first started coming around I thought it was my wife and she thought it was me, it wasn't until the third visit the we both realized this was someone that could come and go when he want to, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. I couldn't keep him out of my house if I wanted to.

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9/24/2016 6:40 am  #6

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

Most shadow people are pitch black. They're solid basically. It would be like a silhouette... Also, most people think shadow people have red eyes but they don't. Demons can take the shape and form of shadows at times and those are the ones that have the red eyes. How do I know? I'm a medium. 


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Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

What do you think about the part of my story that says I was very sick and near death? And that I have not seen the Shadow Man since I got out of the hospital. The doctors said that had I not gone to the hospital when I did, I probably would have died sometime in the next 2 days. I think the shadow person was there to see how sick I was getting, and how much longer I had. I knew I was dying but didn't know how to stop it. But I wonder if he was the grim reaper or some thing like that. My mother died when I was barely 18 and the night she died I was several hundred miles away from her and she had been sick for more than a month. Suddenly I got a feeling that she was dying and I shruged it off not believing it, and the next morning I found out that she had passed at the very time I had that feeling. But also in my story I had someone setting on the back of my chair and it would lift my feet off the floor, and they would stay there for a couple hours and then suddenly my feet would hit the floor and my chair would rock forward. This would happen during the day time or the night time. I had a couple incidents where someone stepped up on the couch I was laying on and I could feel them take another step behind  my legs. My legs wanted to slide into the depression it made, and I was wide awake. When this happened I raised up on my elbow and watched the end of the couch where this unseen person was standing. When I said "I know you are there, so show yourself" at that moment I felt it take 2 steps towards the end of the couch and then step off it. So they would come during the day time and night time and set near me and watch me. So whats going on with that? Who was it? I wish they would come back because I have a lot of questions I'd like to ask them.

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10/21/2016 4:25 pm  #8

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

Has anyone been sick with something fairly serious and noticed a shadow person showing up late at night while only you were up and have it watch you for a few minutes then go away? And return every week or two to check you out again? And then when you got treatment for your illness the shadow person stops coming to see you?

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7/14/2017 4:56 pm  #9

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

Hope you don't mind me posting here I'm new and have been experiencing a few, not disturbing things, just that exasperated feeling that "arrrgh, no, they're back!", feeling, so if you want some private time here I can always go onto another section, no bother.
Am here just to get to know a few people and say hello, share my experiences and hopefully through my learning offer advice or shed some light and ease peoples worries???
I live and work in Lincolnshire UK but have travelled and worked in Britain mostly and have lived an alternative lifestyle so obviously my influences and experiences will no doubt be questioned more thoroughly than someone who comes from a more mainstream background.
Right gonna sign off here it's getting a bit late I have work tomorrow and it's gonna be heavy. Am not online all the time but will reply sooner rather than later...
Hope to hear from you... cheers!


7/22/2017 10:38 pm  #10

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts


Whenever you have the time to post, please tell us about your experiences.  Start a new thread when you do!

Looking forwarding to hearing from you.



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