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7/22/2017 10:46 pm  #11

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

I have heard a number of times that when people are near death, or even just very ill, that they see shadow people.  Before my mother died she saw them.   She did not seem particularly worried or scared by them either.  When I was caring for her, I often saw a flash of darkness out of my peripheral vision.  Usually I dismissed it as a bird flying by the window momentarily blocking the sunlight into the room.

I believe that when people are very ill or near death they shift slightly out of their body at moments and that is when the person can see family members who have passed on, angels and other things on the astral plane that most of us cannot see.  Nurses have told me that they've witnessed patients holding full conversations with people in their hospital room and no one else can see.  It is so common an occurrence that there has to be something to this.


8/17/2018 3:40 pm  #12

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

I realize it has been a long time since I have looked at this post, but the subject of this post has never been out of my mind for very long at a time. The shadow person that comes in my house, I am able to see him while looking right at him, and he turns his head and looks right straight at me. This person is bald headed pot belly, big American Indian nose, large Buddha ears(long ear and earlobes like Buddha). I was never scared or got any horror feelings from the shadow person that visited me. I don't know why that was, but he would show up in my master bathroom doorway every couple of weeks then every couple of days.

Now I have someone walking across my bed every few weeks. I feel them step up on the bed, but I cannot see who it is. Then this person will walk between my pillow and the head board of the bed. I feel the pillow and bed being pushed down on every step he makes. But there has been 2 times that I felt terrified and had to get out of bed and leave the room for a couple hours. It felt like if I were to look at this person something very bad would happen.

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9/30/2018 4:05 am  #13

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

Hi Gary yes I saw two shadow figures pitch black wearing fedora hats as a youngster when I was around 6 years old. Not a peripheral vision but clearly straight on just like you. They were just that, tall shadow hat wearing men. Tall slim all the way to the ceiling. They had arms and they moved. They were communicating to one another but I heard no sound. They were silent basicly. They didn’t glide and they stayed on the wall in the same spot and the time during the night.

My brother (7 at the time) was in hospital fighting lung infection that night when they chose to visit me. Interesting to read that you had lung problems as well at the time of seeing shadow person. One night only for me and never seen them again since then.


10/20/2019 9:14 pm  #14

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

when i log into game, there is "ST" chat and there is "shadow tower" chat. why is there two? seriously, we dont need two channels, people in one channel wanting runs or whatever will never be seen by people in the other channel ...


1/14/2021 8:17 pm  #15

Re: Shadow people can here our thoughts

I was wondering if we will be able to link our accounts from here to the new steam version. I do want to play the game through steam but dont want to have to start over. I checked the community hub on steam and seems that there are some people who are in the same boat. I apologize if this has been brought up already.


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