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10/11/2018 2:00 pm  #1

The Hat Man..

Where to start.. Let’s start with imtroducing myself. My name is Serenity. I am about to be 22 on the 27th and my family is a bit strange.. I’ll explain more on that later on but this story is about my first experience with the most malevolent of shadow people.. The Hat Man. Most shadow people do not have names but this one everyone that’s seen him know for a fact of his “nickname” because he looks like a man with a top hat. He just doesn’t have a face.. That December of 2010, I had just turned 14. Previously on September 1st I had just moved to Texas from North Carolina. I was just getting used to having moved and dealing with a long distance relationship with my first love. We took a break and then in November she ended up being killed in a hit and run while walking to school. She was about to cross the street when a drunk driver hit her and she fell hitting her head on the concrete and was instantly killed. He sped off and was caught later on. Anyway.. that month was the first month she was gone and I was asleep. I started feeling something watching me but I have a hard time waking up when I sleep so I just slept through. Next I feel something on my chest, making it where I was losing my oxygen. It got harder and harder and eventually woke up to HIM. He was about me, his head above mine and I was shocked and paralyzed in fear. I couldn’t move, breathe, or scream. No one would have known I was being suffocated.. I started smelling Lavender and knew instantly that Meagan was there protecting me. The pressure released and I coughed trying to breathe. I went to my mom the next morning crying and she of course thought it was a nightmare but here’s where it gets strange.. my family and I all have special abilities.. but my mom is one of those women that acts like it’s not happening. That there is a scientific reason. So she of course side swiped my thoughts.. But since that night, I feel HIM watching, waiting to get me.. to take my chi and end my life.. to manipulate me.. he’s been there for very time I got suicidal. I never tell anyone that he’s there. When I go walking at night.. I look behind cause I know he’s there. Thankfully my gf of two years is a witch and she helps me with their attraction to me.. putting protection spells on me, making me spray a certain herb mixture in the air, or wearing an amulet to protect me. He’s still around but I sage my home or spray the herb mixture wherever I sleep. Sorry this is so long but now you’ve gotten to know a little bit about me and if you have questions, ask away. I deal with some interesting things.

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