Shadow People

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4/01/2021 1:59 pm  #1

My Djinn Buddies......

Hi, I'm not sure if this website is still maintained, but if it is, I would like to share my story below and perhaps get some feedback from fellow experiencers.  Thanks for your time.   Rose Guntz While looking for a common denominator in all of the posted experiences on this website, I decided that I should share what has happened to me over the last 40 years.  I am now 66 years of age and I still get visited by what I think is the same individual. I am able to remember back to 1983 when I was pregnant with my son Joe and living in Southern California.  It all started by my being awakened by a gravelly, sexless voice calling my name in the middle of the night and yes around 3 am., would wake me from a sound sleep but nothing else happened.  This happened 2 more times before my son was born and the voice got louder and clearer and sounded more masculine.  This all ceased when my son was born and I wasn't bothered by this otherworldly voice after that.  Most of my life I have held a spiritual, even mystical perception of the world, including the universe we all live in.  I have always wished I could experience a "close encounter of the third kind".  My husband at the time said "If aliens would come, you would go with them!"  I have always kept an open mind about the spiritual and extra terrestrial realms and later delved into metaphysics, quantum physics and mechanics.  I am definitely no scholar but the theories of multiple dimensions and universes intrigues me, hence my more recent experiences. Many years had passed, my son was a teenager in high school, I was divorced and living on my own in a studio apartment.  I was up late one night after attending classes on hypnosis, reading a book.  I was lying on my left side on the bed with my back to the front door of my apartment, it was around 2am.  My apartment had the 101 freeway behind it, so the constant noise of traffic was always there.  I suddenly heard what seemed like the high pitched shriek of a young girl coming towards my apartment outside.  It kept getting louder as it approached and then passed right through my door and me and as it did her scream was magnified in my head as she passed through me. The force of her passing through me pushed me over on my bed.  She kept going and faded away the farther away from me she got.  My immediate thought was to wait for whatever she was fleeing from but it never came.  I didn't mention this to anyone for a while.  Not long after that, maybe a month or so, I had what I thought was a vivid dream, you know, the kind that's too real to be just a dream.  In the dream I could see through my front door across a catwalk that went over the parking area and at the end of the catwalk was what looked to be a creature that looked almost human but animalike also.  It was in a crouching position, looking right at me as if it were going to pounce.  I woke up and got out of bed, looked through the peep hole on my door, didn't see anything.  Again, this was around 3 am.  At that point, I even opened my door and did not see anything out of the ordinary.  So I went back to bed.  Odd, I was never scared or upset.  More time passed, a few weeks maybe, when this creature became more bold in its visits.  I was alone in my apartment, sleeping on my left side, when I was awakened with the most terrible coldness that filled my whole body.  I can only describe it as to what terror must truly feel like. Then I felt what seemed like several little paws like that of cats walking all over my covers and then I was suddenly in a bone crushing embrace by something laying right behind me.  This is classic sleep paralysis, but I was extremely aware and absolutely terrified which seemed to make this thing more bold.  I eventually was able to jab my right elbow into this thing and it all stopped and it disappeared.  At this point, the lights came on, I was definitely wide awake and shook up.  I chalked it up to just having a nightmare and finally got back to sleep.  At this point in my life, I was not aware of "shadow people" or the Djinn.  I am condensing this story a bit because the whole story could be a book...I will just emphasize the significant events.  That was not the last of this thing...a month later, while my son was spending the weekend with me sleeping on the futon just 10 ft from where I was on my bed, the same lead up event happened again.  Like perfect clock work, 3 am, I felt a bump on the bed.  I thought my son was sleep walking and had crawled into the bed with me.  I felt something laying next to me so I tried to roll over to say to my son to get up and go back to his bed but when I looked over my right shoulder all I could see was a black as pitch silhouette that was much longer than my queen size bed and had a funny shape to it's head like it had a pointed type of hat.  It's legs extended way over the edge of my bed.  I would guess it was at least 7 ft in length.  The moment I realized it wasn't my son it laughed in a deep voice and then I experienced that bone crushing embrace again.  This time it also felt like there were pinchers or claws like a crab and it was pinching my chest in the front (trying to keep this tasteful, but I think the reader will know what I mean).  Instead of being terrified this time, I got pissed off, took a swing at it with my right elbow again, and it disappeared.  I sat up in bed and there was my son, sound asleep on the futon.  He didn't hear a thing.  These nightly visits occurred a couple more times but I soon realized that this shadow being didn't like it when I was defiant and pissed off.  So it finally stopped its visitations for years after that until recently.  I now live in Kentucky, its 2020, and this damn thing thought it could pay me another visit while I was in bed with my current husband.  I got up at about 4 am to go to the bathroom, it was still dark, and I had to walk through a short hallway to the bathroom which was situated between my bedroom and the office at the other end.  I just rounded the corner of my bed, looked up across the hallway and saw a black shadow figure bending down as though it was looking at something.  I must have gasped because my first thought was that someone broke into the house and was in my office.  It heard me and stood straight up and turned to face me.  It was huge!  At least 7ft tall.  I grabbed my husbands foot, shook him up and told him to turn on the light.  As soon as the light came on it disappeared.  I told him what I saw, he got up with me and we walked into the office and saw that nothing was disturbed.  There was a chill in the room but that was it.  I closed the door and we went back to bed.  Now we are into the new year 2021, and I was awakened again by the many kitty paws on the covers.  At first I thought it was our little dog, Bella, but it wasn't.  I lay there awake, waiting for the next attack, and this time I was laying on my stomach and this thing got on top of me, actually laying on top of me.  I felt its weight and it pushed down harder when I tried to move. I stayed calm and I was eventually able to roll to my side and as I did so I felt it's hot breath on my ear.  It didn't make a noise but it saw my left elbow coming at it and it backed off and disappeared.  This happened about a month ago..not sure why it decided to visit me again....again I must condense all of this...I am in the process of learning about Shadow People and that they are interdimensional beings and quite possibly belong to the race of the Djinn.  I am extremely curious and not so afraid anymore.  Would like to know what this one wants. It has followed me from California.     


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