Shadow People

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4/28/2018 5:06 am  #1

First time weird experience

I was lying in bed a day after taking some xanax when i felt like something was watching me i stay in quite a old house nearby a very very old graveyard and to be honest before this happened i didnt believe in anything paranormal i opened my eyes to see a black figure like the top half of a cloaked body swaying about the room when it seemed to notice that i was awake it stopped and red eyes appeared at this point i freaked out and went to get up to turn on the light but i couldnt move then it felt as if it was mocking me it jumped onto my chest and was staring into my eyes as if to let me know it was in control i tried to swing my arms at it and shout for help but i couldnt this went on for several minutes until it just dissapeared and i could move ive not had anything since and thought maybe i was hallucinating but i mentioned it to a friend and he told me about the "shadow people" so i just want to find out if anybody else has had one similar thanks ive also felt a cold presence and seen black shadows jn the corner of my eye before while in this house but i thought it was just my mind playing tricks till o seen this forum


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