Shadow People

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7/21/2018 8:58 pm  #1

Humans Don't don't just appear in Your Home as Shadowy Figures

My Daughter and My Grandson and I Ordered a "Movie and Pizza" a Couple of Saturdays ago,, after watching the Movie,,and enjoying the Pizza,my Grandson and Daughter  fell to sleep (On the Carpet), in front of the Television,, and I fell to sleep on the Bed,, Early the Next Morning my daughter said "Mom, I know you are not going to believe  it,, but it  was a Man standing in the Living Room facing this way, looking in here",, I said,, "What"??!!,, she repeated what she said,, I said Looking In Here?? so she said,, "I Lifted my Head up off the Floor and looked in the Living Room and Saw a Male shadow figure,, I put my head back down and lifted it up and looked again and it was still there",,I asked her why she didn't wake me up? SCREAM or Something,,she said she doesn't know,, now,, She said it  "Startled her,but it didn't Scare her.,so  then she said she just covered her head and went to Sleep,, Now I ask you,, who does that,,?? you see a Shadow Man in the House at Daybreak,, you don't Scream or wonder where it came from?? you don't Wake Anyone,,,,Your Brothers??  (Who were upstairs by the way),, and you go back to Sleep???   We are God-Fearing People Nothing Miraculous or Divine about it,,Somethin told her Not to be afraid and for her to go back to Sleep???? For her not to Wake Me For something Like That???

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