Shadow People

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11/03/2018 9:57 am  #1

My very first experiance, and it was him, the hat man. (i belive now)

Hello, my name is James and i am just 16 years old, in some cases this means the story i am about to describe is invalid, and a sad attempt at causing drama and hysteria, but, if you listen to me fully, you will see this is no hoax, and is a very interesting and terrifying experience with not just a shadow person, bu the hat man himself.
I never thought i would ever experiance an encounter, i used to think it was fake, a hoax like many of the internet's myths and creepypasta's, but, sadly this was far from what i experianced last night, after watching some tv, i brushed my teeth and headed to bed, i was extremly tired after a long day of football, so i was very sleepy, and falling asleep easily, it was midnight and i was falling asleep, i fell asleep eventually and slept for 2 hours, but then, i heard the door creeping open from the corner of the room, i grabbed my phone and shone the torch towards the door, seeing if anyone was opening the door, the door was shut, and there was nobody there, thinking it was just random house noises, i checked the time on my phone and the room returned into darkness, but then something startled me, in the gap between the bedroom door and my wardrobe, there was 2 blue dots floating at the same hight as the top of the wardrobe, worried and curious of what it was i grabbed my phone and shone the flashlight on it, it had no effect, my phone had died as i left it on by accident, he was visable, he was 7ft tall and wore a trench coat, and his classic fedora, but his eyes were not red, his eyes were blue, and from his upper chest a tocking noise was heared, as if from a clock or watch, i heared him tut as if he was tired or fed up and he continued staring at him, unlike other experiances from other people, this was not sleep paralysis, this was full awakness, and i was scared for my life, i watched his every move, he swayed forwards and backwards, and then leaned towards the door, opening it and stepping out into the landing, he left a crack in the door and placed his hand against his unseable lips and i heared him say "shhhhhhhhh", before walking down the stairs, and fading from existance, i heared my dog whimpering.
i stayed awake till it was light in the morning

i told my family
they diden't believe a word, so i came here, to ask for an explanation, an oppenion of his intentions and comfort, as i am still shaken and terrified.
thank you.


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