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7/15/2019 3:46 pm  #1

Unsure of shadow experience

Sorry in advance for the long post but I felt like everything in it was relevant to my experience.

My experience with shadow people took place over ten years ago now when I was a teenager but I can still remember it clearly as it happened multiple times. I was also not alone in seeing this tall, dark all black figure either, it had been seen by two of my friends at separate times from me. 
I’d like to give a short background on the area in which this happened because I believe it may have something to do with whatever appeared to us multiple times. I grew up on an old road that had a decent amount of wooded area around it, a friend of mine lived a quarter mile away from where I grew up and only one house between ours. Within this quarter mile there is a bridge at the bottom of a small hill that crosses over a large creek (about 50 feet below the bridge) where the first settler of our town built a mill in 1806. It’s at the top of the hill and bridge that the events always took place.
The first time this shadow had been seen it was by two of my friends. It was late at night and they had called me to come out and meet them. They were walking up from the creek and wanted to meet at the bridge and then head back to his house, so I stayed on the phone with them as I walked over the bridge. As I walked the bridge the friend, I was on the phone with asked who I came with, I was alone and turned around to be sure. When they got to the bridge with me, they had told me that a tall all black figure was walking the bridge behind me at a faster pace than me, and when I turned around, I stood face to face with it. Now at first, I thought it was my shadow obviously as the bridge does have street lights and a shadow would have been taller than myself. This couldn’t have been possible though given they were far below the bridge and my shadow would only have been visible on the surface of it.
The next time I had an experience was late at night anywhere between 2am and 4am. Being a teenager I would stay late at my friend’s house and walk home at the end of the night. From his house I could see the top of the hill where the bridge is located which is lit up with a street light directly at the corner of the two intersecting streets. When I walked outside, I saw someone standing at the corner and figured it was someone in the area out late for a walk or maybe a cigarette. However, as I got closer this person was motionless and all black. It was darker than anything else around that night, just pure deep black even though it was below a street light. This did not register right away with me though as I walked by and nodded and said a quick hello and kept moving. This happened again a bit later and by now I knew when I walked out of my friends’ home and saw the figure that something was off about it and I did feel very uneasy about it. I had to walk by it since the only other option to get home would have to been to walk a quarter mile through woods back to my home, and that didn’t seem like any better of an option at 2 am. This time I walked quickly by keeping my head down and not acknowledging the figure. When I arrived at my drive way I turned around and the figure was still there under the street light standing motionless. This happened to me once more in the late hours of the night and by then it was very uncomfortable having to walk by this dark figure that would stand motionless at the corner as I walked the quarter mile stretch of road.
This dark motionless figure was seen two more times by friend from his front porch which faces the street corner/top of hill which leads to the bridge. He told me that late at dusk as everything was getting dark the figure would be there at the corner, standing motionless.
I am still confused as to what this was that I had encounter over ten years ago now. Nothing about the experience really makes sense. Why would someone be out that late and just stand motionless for minutes at a time? Why was it completely black even though it stood below a street light? Most of all why would it have followed me across the bridge in what seemed like it was trying to catch me and then stand face to face with me but I couldn’t see it. I believe that this may have been a shadow figure but the same time I have always told myself that there has to be a reasonable explanation to it.


10/14/2019 10:30 pm  #2

Re: Unsure of shadow experience

when i log into game, there is "ST" chat and there is "shadow tower" chat. why is there two? seriously, we dont need two channels, people in one channel wanting runs or whatever will never be seen by people in the other channel ...


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