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1/29/2019 10:51 pm  #1

Helping My Kids Through the Shadow People

Hello. I'm new. I posted part of this elsewhere, but thought it prudent to post most here. 

I'm here because 2 of my kids have been reporting this to me. One a long time ago and it was quite the "thing"... the other more recently. I wouldn't be here if I didn't think this was real for them. Neither knew the other was having / had these experiences; only I did. Even recently I've been seeing them more prominently than before. For them it's more directly. For me, it's more in the periphery. 

My 2nd born (daughter) was the first to report this to me. A single figure. Knocking on doors, appearing in her room. Usually at night, but it started being all the time; at home and away from home. We had MANY sleepless nights from it. I told her to tell it to go away. That she needed to sleepy etc. It started after her grandmother passed away. I thought it was her. She stopped telling me about it. I thought it stopped. Conversation at the dinner table from my other child enlightened her that he was seeing them too and she told me she's never stopped seeing them. One in her room or around the house, then 2 at school. Always the same ones. She considers them boys. The knocking still continues. She says now she tries to ignore them. But that sometimes they get really close.

My first born (son) is the one who has been telling me about this recently. He has special needs so I have to decipher a bit of what might be true and what might be embellished. In the end, what seems to be true is that he sees them every night. Multiple figures. They try talking to him but it just sounds like random variations of shushing. They won't leave him alone and seem to want him to have bad dreams. He tells them to go away and they "confer" with a "leader" and then they decide that no, they won't go away. He says that they generally stay in the same spots in his room, but that they do float around. The other night he came into our room (something he typically doesn't do) because he was so scared. He slept in our room. He's older and hot, so I slept in his room. I didn't see anything... he said they followed him to our room (my husband was in there with him). He also says that sometimes they want him to tell stories (he's good at that). But he'll only oblige them sometimes. I do hear him talking out loud at night sometimes.

I've always seen the periphery. But recently I saw one that passed by that I truly thought was my daughter walking around in my room. But it wasn't her. I hadn't seen one quite so clearly / purposefully / for as long before.

I've been told I'm an empath. I've been told our family comes from an old history of Spanish witches. I know neither to be true. I do know that this scares my kids. 

I have "devil's shoestring in every corner of every room in our house. I have the evil eye over every "door" into our house (not the windows). I read about cleansing the house (I've had to do that at another house). Is this what I have to do to make this stop? Also, I've read that shadow people come to those who are mentally 'weaker' or troubled. Is this true? I've read that if they know you can see them, it's harder to get rid of them... is this true (if so, I was WAY wrong in telling my daughter to tell them to go away)? I've also read something about "Djin" being what shadow people are? That this is all a negative thing... alternate universes, etc.

Can someone PLEASE point me in the direction of understanding and then ridding?

Thank you in advance! 


2/14/2019 7:22 pm  #2

Re: Helping My Kids Through the Shadow People

Hello! I have a friend who has seen shadow people since she was a child, so I've been doing a lot of research on them and how to get rid of them.

There are tons of ways to ward off shadow people. You could create sachets with rosemary to put on bedside tables or under pillows. These will help keep the shadow people away from where your kids sleep. They could even be placed in bags or purses! 

You might also want to seek out some grounding crystals. Onyx is the strongest, and dark entities tend to avoid it as it can trap them. 

Burning a white candle before bedtime can also help! Any sort of light will help chase away shadow people as they absolutely hate it.

Thinking positive thoughts would also help, but I know how difficult that is to do when you're young, it's dark, and you're very scared.

As for cleansing your house, which I suggest you do, burning sage is one of the best ways to drive out any sort of malevolent spirit. I personally like sage sticks! 

You mentioned your son has special needs, so this method may not work for you, but you can take pots and/or pans and bang them as you walk through the house while telling the spirits to begone can be fun and as well as powerful for cleansing. Doing it together would add to the power, and bonus points if the pot(s) are old, well-used, and well-loved.

Finally, and I'm assuming you are a woman, you are the matriarch of this house. You have a lot of innate power already, and confidently telling the spirits to go away, this is your home not theirs would be extremely powerful. If you have a spouse, they could also add to your power if present and willing.

If you feel this isn't enough, using a straw broom and sweeping the house while visualizing sweeping away unwanted guests is another good method. I like this way because I'm a visual person. 

Finally, once they are banished, make sure to salt all thresholds (windows, doorways, fireplace, etc.) to make sure they don't return.

I hope this was of some help!!! And I hope your children don't have to deal with this too much longer. It can be very scary.


10/20/2019 9:38 pm  #3

Re: Helping My Kids Through the Shadow People

I found a picture from before 1920 of my great grandmother's family. I looked in the background and counted at least 20 'Shadow People'. Some protect. They love Harry Potter movies. Play one and close your eyes, have your child close his eyes and look around. I bet you will see them happily watching the movie.
God's Peace.


10/20/2019 9:50 pm  #4

Re: Helping My Kids Through the Shadow People

And they are NOT spirits. They are lifeforms and should be considered people. I've been teaching them The Lord's Prayer substituting 'My daily bread' for 'My daily energy'. Give them love. They felt like they were orphans (the ones I know), forgotten by God. But once they asked for energy they received. So cool!!!


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