Shadow People

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12/22/2019 11:56 pm  #1

Shadow named NIGHTMARE

I had an incident where I came to raising up out of my body. My astral arms were straight
Up. I looked over and my 2 year old daughter 
(Was asleep next to me) was doing the same . But, beside her laying wbispering on her ear was a shadow figure. I reached over and touched it and it started me  . I tried to focus my astral eyes , Wich it is ironic I type focus because it said "FOCUS" . .I said who are you? My voice was dragging a d slurred .It raises a little and said "FOCUS" . it's voice like a boss. It started to put it's arm out to push me back down .I grabbed it's arm and all's i could think was "break it " and it's arm broken and turned to ..well ..kinda floppy . I raised up out of my body to the waist and over my daughter , still holding it's arm. I said "who are you?" it said "My name is nightmare" I said , wkththe slurred dragging voice "My name is hell" . And in an instant it vs kshed bit , it went into me . Did t seem like it we t thru. Is it because I got it to say it's name.. A few years later I found that the have and night terror (I hate that term)  was original a name Mary Wich became nightmare. freaky. I've had an experience before with that one..Pacing angry and frantic beside my bed .I couldnt move of course. bBut it was hissing pissed.Saying "you no good mother"""""" I'll see you dead " and stuff like that .And that one is a quote.  glad I could this website. I just wrote a song about that experience. I'm 48. it's been my entire life.


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